by Cold Blooded Theory

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Cold Blooded Theory Glendale, Arizona

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Track Name: Disparity (Ft. Griffin Kolinski of Apparitions)
Open your heart,
Time has given you the gift to restart,
Stop watching yourself drift further apart,
Be the one, who will never run,
Graciously never outdone,
Its safe to say,
No matter your faith,
Believe in a life without hate,
For the sake of being free,
Gold deceit wont get the best of me,
Gold deceit wont kill the man in me,
Trust in me and I will set you free,
Shine your glamour so bright,
The world follows your light,
In search of a new height,
To define wrong from right,
Time has given you the gift to restart,
Stop watching yourself drift further apart,
You are the one who will never run,
Who’s graciously never outdone,
I’m always here to save your despair in the end,
For the sake of being free,
Stand to hold your ground,
Faces from all around will try and take you down and steal your crown,
But you bleed for your art,
No one can take what it is in your heart
Track Name: Dynasty
Caught in struggle,
Trapped by malicious thoughts I can not mend,
Losing sight of light within,
Showing me that this may be the end,
But then I set fire igniting hope in my eyes
Believe in me,
For everything I am to be,
Balance becomes my alliance,
Steady motion allows me to breathe,
Patience collides with the ambition in me,
I must destroy defiant colors I can not keep,
I have seen the agony kill the valor in man,
I will never live life with death draped around my hands,
Living with love,
I free myself,
Just to see the push without the shove,
I would give it all away,
Just to see the world a different way,
Without the masquerade,
Letting love come face to face,
I promise to be everything I dream,
Never looking back
Track Name: Euphoria
I feel the admiration in me,
A feeling so carefree,
These days are no longer empty,
My life is no longer cloudy,
I live with self fulfillment,
The pure enlightenment,
Defeating the inner serpent,
Pessimistic thoughts become so hesitant,
I am more alive then ever before,
Opening my mind as if it was an unopened door,
The battle is now over,
I have now reached closure,
The need for acceptance,
Is not worth the distance,
Just listen to a familiar voice,
Speaking louder than choice
Track Name: Reminisce
I relive the days you held me,
Held me so tightly,
You never let me go,
I just hope you know,
You are my hero,
I just need to understand,
We forever walk hand in hand,
Until the end of my time,
I will see you again when the time is right,
When you’re looking down on me,
I hope you see everything I’m trying to be,
Just to make you so proud,
To see that smile through the clouds,
Some day you wont be so far away,
Then we will both fly away
Track Name: Levitating Above Doubtful Waters
I imagine the world without the grey,
Saying what I wish to say,
No longer am I reaching for brighter days,
Never losing my way,
I won’t be held down,
It is I who will burn fear to the ground,
Leaving nothing but guidance all around,
Life is not about the fashion or the trend,
Finding true passion within is the road with no dead end,
There is not a glare,
That could shake my stare,
Looking through eyes so rare,
Such a colorful life to live,
Quit forgetting, just forgive,
Held together by threads of trust,
I look past faces laced with rust,
I am not scared to change the world from the unjust,
Seeing life with a different view,
Such a beautiful breakthrough,
Seeing life with a new view,
I can see such a beautiful breakthrough to a new life
Track Name: Hope In Hands
I will not die,
Until I live life,
To the best,
And the fullest,
Falling is against gravity,
Giving in is the only enemy,
I wont take this for granted,
My life might be doubted,
But I wont be dented,
I can only be lifted,
Floating over a sea of uncertainty,
No disbelief can anchor my sincerity,
Motivation is within my control,
Devotion begins to take over my soul,
This is it,
I can not quit,
I must commit to a life worth it,
It is only the beginning,
To a new dawning,
I will not die,
Until I live life,
My life might doubted,
But I wont be dented